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>Education - Training  



ENEPROT has direct connection with some European Universities (Helmut Schmidt Univestitaet Hamburg - Prof. W.Hesser, The Technical University, Sofia - Prof. B.Sandalski, Erasmus University of Rotterdam - Prof. V.Vries), as well as with scientists dealing with standardization, via the European Academic Network of the General Directorate of Enterprise of the EU. ENEPROT has similar connections via the European Academy of Standardization (EURAS). Through the above the following are programmed:

The creation of a European Educational Program on Standardization, which could be applied in all levels, from professional training and first degree education, up to higher education and postgraduate studies.

The creation of a Balkan Institute for Education and Training on Standardization, based in Sofia and Thessaloniki. Our objective is the participation to it by institutions like TUV, and DGQ.


Seminars - Training



Seminars were held by members of ENEPROT in several occasions, such as the introduction of members of the Chamber of Small and Medium Sized industries of Thessaloniki to Quality Standardization, as well as the participation in European Training Programs.

The participation in TEMPUS-PHARE JOINT EUROPEAN PROGRAM 14351/99 "Training on European Directives and Standards Applying-Safety and Quality Control of Industrial Products", (with second European partner the TUV Academie, Koeln) provided for the training of Bulgarian scientists of highest level, like professors of universities, executives of Ministries and public organisms etc.


Training Material

Training material is being prepared by ENEPROT, basically for the needs of the "Protagoras - Hellenic Quality System (ESyProta)", taking advantage, among others, of the knowledge gained by the events that have already taken place. A first version of such a publication are the "Training Issues" of the ESyProta "Handbook of Processes and Procedures"