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1. Local network


ENEPROT, in order to accomplish the interconnection of production-handling with education-research and management of all levels (this being one of its main targets) has laid out a plan of creating a network of "Bureaus of Protypes and Standardization" (BuPS) in the wider area of Thessaloniki. Since 2001 it has sent written proposals to productive organizations, to educational institutions and to local governments (first of all to the Municipality of Thessaloniki) for the establishment of BuPS.

We believe that if such a vehicle exists in every organization, institution or managerial center, automatically there will exist directly a connecting link for a horizontal and vertical interconnection between all interested parties for matters of standardization, protypes, and quality. Every Bureau, according to our proposal, can be directly established by the interested party, simply by assigning somebody accountable, by assigning a secretariat to some of its staff, as well as by stating its address. The needs of the human potential as well as of the machinery will be covered (at least in the beginning) with simultaneous employment of the already existing personnel.

ENEPROT has proposed to serve, at the beginning of the application of this plan, as operational center of this network. The operational scheme of the network is as follows:

  1. Members of the organization, by knowing the accountable person and the address of the BuPS are addressed there and report any topic regarding standardization, protypes, and quality which they are interested in.
  2. BuPS classifies the requests and (depending on the subject) advances them to ENEPROT - with the exception of those that require direct managerial treatment, and which are sent to the management of the organization.
  3. ENEPROT processes the topics, through the Work Group it has created, and lays down a schedule which is submitted to the person accountable for the BuPS. If it is needed, they are sent for investigation or further processing to relevant institutions, in which its members are working or which are known for being specialized.
  4. When the programmed jobs are completed, the complete file is returned to the person accountable of the BuPS, who takes care that the requested data reach the interested party. In parallel to indexing, an information tank is established.

ENEPROT has already undertaken the operation of BuPS of the "Chamber of Small and Medium sized Industries of Thessaloniki" (VETh), thus establishing a close cooperation with the VETh in the field of protypation. The BuPS of VETh was established on April 24, 2002, after a decree of the Governing Committee of VETh. After completion of the procedure already mentioned, the file completed for every subject is submitted by ENEPROT, to the BuPS of VETh, which, after the approval of the Administrative Bodies of the Chamber, forwards its solution. 

The Rectorial Committee of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh) has decided for the establishment of a BuPS during its meeting of Dec 9,2003. According to this resolution, the Dean's Office of the School of Engineering has decided to grant for use the space where the BuPS of AUTH will be located. Also, after the relevant proposals of ENEPROT, interest for establishing of a corresponding BuPS by the Municipalities of Evosmos and St. Paul.



2. European Network


ENEPROT, in contact with educational and research institutions in Greece and abroad, tries to shape a SE European Network of vehicles and specialists of the subject. Through this network, cooperation and participation of members of the Union has started in educational and congressional appearances in Greece and abroad, and conferences of scientists and specialists from SE Europe in Thessaloniki have been programmed.