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The founding declaration

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... through imitation or copying, of all things repeated: activity, thought-meditation, conditions etc. This adaptation could be instinctive, or programmed, although unwittingly.

We perceive a substantial difference between standardization, developed in parallel with industrialization, and primordial protypation. Industrial Standardization was initially aimed, through its standards, norms, and regulations, to productional activities, to the creation of products having as their major feature the stability of their characteristics, of their attributes, and of their dimensions. The application of Standardization creates objects of practical relevance, usual objects, average objects.

Standardization, although aiming to stability, does not remain firm but it varies according to the commands of time and according to the needs of averages. It has been created to serve, mainly, the needs of machines, not of humans. Protypation, on the contrary, creates protypes and regulations serving as ideals-models, as perfect elements for imitation, and not necessarily for serial production. Its principles remain firm because they emanate from human nature and they serve, mainly, human needs.

We note that standardization evolves and covers fields, with standards and regulations, which have to do with human natural and inner comfort, well-being, and health. Thus it replaces primordial protypation in human activities. In this way, standardization shapes human characters, human societies, world affairs, starting, though, from a different point than protypation.

We are convinced that protypation should shape human characters, human societies, and world affairs enriched through the experience of standardization, and being adapted to the modern extend of human activity.

We believe that, through the application of Protypation, rationalization could be achieved in Greece. The means for the achievement of this goal is a Hellenic National Institute for Protypation having the form and the position of a national operational center and of a central tank of information feedback.


We, as Greek scientists intend to work towards the dissemination and prevailing of our positions so that, after they will have been applied universally, they will allow humanity to create and survive in a protype-model environment.